C.A.G Power System
C.A.G as a leading manufacturer of engine power outdoor power equipment in china ,Offer 3 Groups of products,they are:
Diesel Power Machinery
Gasoline Power Equipment
Construction Equipment
This is a solid basis to promote the diversity of Power Machinery products,promise to bring the most benefit to consumers.  We are capable of providing over 500 types of engine power machinery with high quality, stability, economically for the world’s market in the field of heavy industry and construction engineering.
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Diesel Power Machinery

 Diesel Engine 

◆ Diesel Generator

◆ Diesel Silent Generators

◆ Diesel Water Pumps 

◆ Diesel Pressure Washer

◆ Diesel Standby Genset

Gasoline Power Machinery

◆ Gasoline Engine

◆ Gasoline Generator

◆ Gasoline Silent Generator

◆ Gasoline Water Pumps

◆ Gasoline Pressure Washer

◆ EPA approval Generator

Construction Equipment

 Tamping Rammer

◆ Plate Compactor

◆ Concrete Cutter

◆ Vibratory Roller

◆ Power Trowel

◆ Concrete Vibrator

◆ Concrete Mixer